Faulty self-image?

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but just don't have a major case of FSI!

You’d be surprised and shocked to know that friends often see you completely differently to the way you see yourself. However, unless you have a very open and special relationship with them, they would never dream of saying so. The result: faulty self-image or FSI as we call it at Drawing Down the Moon.

An interesting example of faulty self-image is that virtually every person who comes through our doors confides to us that they ‘know’ they look at least five years younger that they are. The reason? Their friends say this to them on birthdays or when looking at photos to make them feel good (which in turn makes the friends feel good). Even your frankest, closest friend isn’t going to burst this little bubble for you! Your very best friends are they ones most likely to collude with your FSI. Do you really believe you look younger than you are? Honest now- own up!

“A woman is as old as she looks to a man who likes to look at her.” – Finlay Peter Dunne

A paradoxical feature of faulty self-image is that we can be convinced by our rose-tinted vision of ourselves while, at the same time, suffering low self-esteem. At the agency, we occasionally get some averagely attractive applicants you say they lack confidence in themselves. And yet (and this never fails to surprise us) these people still routinely believe that the potential dates whom they fancy- people who are much more attractive that they are – will want to meet them. It’s a tricky one for us to deal with without hurting their feelings.

Don’t Worry, We Avoid the Creepy Kind…

We couldn’t help but laugh when we came across this video posted on YouTube. As written in the info,  the video is from a dating service in the 80’s and they’ve made a montage of all the most undesirable men that came through to them. There’s some pretty colourful characters on there!

This is where we come in: to avoid this kind of blind dating. We choose the people we believe YOU are most suited too, to avoid those blind-date blues.

Not what you’re looking for, right?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC5BIuhQBy0?rel=0]


Who else has got Instagram on their iPhone? We’re totally addicted! Take photos around London and see how groovy you can make them look by adding all different sorts of filters to your photos!

We even took one of our book! He-he!

Over-Ambitious Wish Lists

‘I’m not settling for Mr Second Best, thank you very much’ is a refrain we hear from every new woman member at the agency. For this, read: ‘I’m not going out with a man who isn’t drop-dead gorgeous, at the top of his profession AND in touch with his feelings.’ In other words they’re after a man ‘on a pedestal.’

Mr Perfect is the man you’ve put on a pedestal, but no one can perch on top of a pedestal for long; it always wobbles, the man falls off- and then looks foolish and less fanciable. So, a bit of advice; don’t look for Mr Perfect, he really doesn’t exist.”

In the 21st century, it’s become acceptable to be over-the-top fussy about who your partner is to be. When we get a super-ambitious wish list from an agency applicant, we know that they are unconsciously setting themselves up for failure. Could you be doing this with your search for a perfect man? Is this hopeless search for Mr Perfect an unconscious deference against going into a relationship?

When reviewing your partner wish list, keep asking yourself how many attributes you can move from an ‘Essentials’ list to a ‘Desirables’ list. Don’t turn potential partners down before you’ve really got to know them as people. ‘Nice chap, great for a friend, but no chemistry,’ is as likely, if not more than likely, to turn into someone you could love than the love-at-first-sight date. The only way you can really test this is by trying it out- and what can you lose? You probably have to make 10 or more good friendships with men before you have the chance of finding that special relationship.

You can visit our website here: http://www.drawingdownthemoon.co.uk or call us on 020 7224 1001 10:30am to 11pm 7 days a week.

Movie of the Month!

We’ve got a new favourite! A great film that has recently been released starring Rachel McAdams (we just love her!) Owen Wilson and it’s also directed and written by Woody Allen. It left us wanting to pack our bags and work from Paris for the week. With a great cast and a wild imagination behind the storyline,  it truly captures the magic of Ol’ Paree.

Midnight in Paris


Love in Autumn Colours

It’s a sad day when we start to realise that Summer is over for all the ‘Londonites’ for yet another year. However, is it just us, or is the coming of Autumn actually a sweet celebration? With a cool-but-not-freezing breeze (yet!), beautiful leaves surrounding the streets and a new fashion line to die for; we’ve decided that Autumn should be the new romantic season!

We’ve done a little scouting and have a list of things that might just make your season. If you have a significant other, or currently are on the search for Mr or Mrs Right, these celebrations are the perfect events to bring along a date to.


London Fashion Week:  16th-21st

If you’re interested in seeing the next top trends, this is the first place you will see them.

The Royal Collection: Running until 3rd October

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ve got a little bit of time left! We’ve heard it’s a ‘must-see.’


London Film Festival:  12th-27th

The UK’s biggest celebration of international cinema. You’ll be sure to get some inspiration from this if you can get along.

RHS London Autumn Harvest Show:  4th & 5th

Pick up some seasonal produce, herbs, jams and teas from these markets! Mmm mm!


London Jazz Festival: 11th- 20th

To say Jazz is one of our favourite genre’s would be an understatement! Jazz is the ‘cherry on top’ of a perfect dinner date… and allows you to enjoy a dazzling dance. For some romantic memories and the ultimate date, get along to the Jazz Festival this year.

Lord Mayor’s Show & Firework Display: 12th Saturday

A great excuse to take a bottle or wine and snuggle under a blanket to watch the firework display, great date idea!

Enjoy the Autumn dear friends, and make sure you make the most of the romantic options it has to offer!

Rejection? – Their Loss!

As your success rate in any endeavor increases- so will your failure rate. It’s part of the risk. Be prepared for rejection when you practice friendly or sexy flirting and you’ll learn to pick yourself up afterwards and be a good loser. Be brave and don’t let it put you off opening up further connections.

“She wore too much rouge last night and not enough clothes; that is always a sign of despair in a woman.” Oscar Wilde

Remember that you’ll never find out which people in this world around you are interesting unless you communicate with them. As a rule of thumb I say that, out of every five first dates, two will be rejections, one will be a bore and two could become good friends and, after following the advice in ‘Smart Dating- How to find your man,’ one of these two people could be that special person. Keep thinking: ‘There are plenty more fish in the sea’ because, for organized, proactive women prepared to be adventurous- there are! If thinks don’t turn out the way you hope with your drop-dead gorgeous date, it’s… NEXT PLEASE!

Dates that don’t break the bank

We all know about their great offers and how frequently their new deals are available, but how many of us are taking full advantage of discount websites such as Groupon, KGB Deal’s and Living Social? If you have a date planned for the near future, or a special someone that you can spoil and take out – there are sure to be some deals to benefit you.

They have great deals for West End Theatre, Restaurants, Massages and Beauty Packages (what girl would be complaining if they received this?!) and many other great activities throughout London and abroad… which all make great date ideas! So guys, (and girls!) make sure you subscribe to the emails and get the hottest and best deals around London town!

Book Review

A few of us in the office have been stuck into the book “One Day”… along with almost half the population of London!! Or so it seems, as we keep seeing it everywhere.

It’s a tragic love story that follows the lives of two very individual people. Each chapter returns to the same day, the July of 15th in consecutive years for two decades. It’s a creative story written in captivating language; it is sure to draw you in. It has been reviewed as a “modern day classic”, written by David Nicholls and we’re also quite excited to see what other books he’s got on shelf.

If you are yet to read it, make sure you get a copy before the big movie is due out on 24th August. We definitely recommend if you want an easy, yet entertaining read!